Forma  - 2019


Forma(フォルマ)はイタリア語で "形 "を意味します。
楽しくて、便利で、かわいくて、オリジナリティがあって、ユニーク。みんなが文房具に求めるワクワクや発見に満ちた場所にしたい。そんな思いが店づくりのベースになっています。Formaは、机の引き出しに入っている文房具のように身近な存在です。そして常にあなたの想像力を刺激し、"あなたのアイデアを形にする "お手伝いをするブランドでありたいと思っています。Formaは、あなたの創造性や好奇心を引き出します。

I'm excited to find something every time I open it.
It's a stationery store like a desk drawer.

Forma is the Italian word for "shape."
It's fun, convenient, cute, original, and unique. We want to make it a place full of excitement and discoveries that everyone wants from stationery. Such thoughts are the basis of our store development. Forma is a familiar presence, like stationery in a desk drawer. And we want to be a brand that constantly inspires your imagination and helps you "shape your ideas." 
Forma brings out your creativity and curiosity.

About logo design


The Forma mark is called the "Bungu-san mark."
I designed it from the shape of the kanji characters "bun" and "gu," which means "stationery" in Japanese. 
From the appearance of Mark, I imagined a gentleman who is familiar with stationery, like a hotel concierge.

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