About "DORMY S+"

「DORMY S+」は「寝床はシンプルでいい」「仲間とシェアしたい」といった考え方を持つ、日本のシェアリング・エコノミー世代に向けて誕生した新しいタイプの寮です。

"DORMY S +" is a new type of dormitory created for the sharing economy generation in Japan, with the idea that "I want a simple place to sleep" and "I want to share with my friends."
It is a business format that provides economy (economical/cheap) and intelligent (lean/active) value.

About Logo design


The concept of "Dormy S+" means that you can accumulate learning and experience through your dormitory life, so we designed a squirrel that stocks food on your cheeks as a symbol mark to prepare for winter by the time spring comes.​​​​​​​

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